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Photographer & Director: Bea Merry
Videographer (coming soon!): Boris Cifuentes
Art Director: Lara Alcantara

Stylist: Sara Yormick
Production Assistant: Claudia Christensen


Join us at Chelsea Piers 62 in New York City, where four bold young girls are rewriting the rules, promoting young female empowerment and breaking stereotypes through the thrilling world of skateboarding, all while sporting the legendary apparel and accessories of Uncle Funky's.


The vision of this shoot is rooted in a profound desire to challenge societal norms and redefine gender stereotypes, particularly in the realm of skateboarding. By featuring four young girls as the focal point, we aim to break down barriers and inspire a new narrative—one that celebrates inclusivity, courage, and the unwavering spirit of youth.

Through the lens of both the videographer and photographer, we seek to capture not just images, but a powerful statement of camaraderie: that skateboarding is for everyone, regardless of gender, and that girls have every right to carve out their space in this exhilarating subculture. With Uncle Funky's as our ally, our vision becomes a reality, as we showcase the perfect blend of style and substance, empowering these young girls to embrace their passions and pave the way for a more inclusive future.

In a world where stereotypes abound, Uncle Funky's and skateboarding unite to inspire a new generation of girls to embrace their passions fearlessly and to pave their own paths with confidence and style.

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