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Photographer & Director: Bea Merry
Videographer (
coming soon!): Boris Cifuentes
Stylist: Flor Guevara
Production Assistant: Claudia Christensen


Welcome to an enchanting world set in Brooklyn, where five lively children become the embodiment of urban, playful, free-spirited chic, adorned in the latest ensembles from Zara and sporting the iconic footwear of Vans.

From the outset, the vision for this test shoot was clear: to seamlessly fuse two distinct styles—Zara's contemporary flair and Vans' timeless cool—into a singular, captivating narrative. The result? A visual symphony of carefree elegance and adventurous spirit, brought to life by the infectious energy of our young models.

As the test shoot progresses, the synergy between Zara's eclectic designs and Vans' iconic silhouettes becomes increasingly apparent. Whether it's a pair of distressed jeans paired with Vans slip-ons or a colorful tee layered under a Zara cardigan, each ensemble effortlessly captures the essence of our vision: playful, chic, urban, adventurous.

Against the backdrop of nature's canvas, our young models revel in the freedom of expression, their laughter echoing through the air as they frolic and explore. From riding bikes to chasing each other, each moment is a testament to the joy of childhood—a celebration of innocence and wonder.


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